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Inventory and Catalog in Backup Exec

What is an Inventory? An Inventory is the process of mounting media in the drive and reading the media label, which is then displayed in the  Devices  view. If this is the first time that Backup Exec ™ has encountered this media, the media label is also added to the  Media  view. Note : Each time new tape is introduced in the tape drive or robotic library, it must be inventoried so that the Backup Exec database gets updated with the new tape Information. To Inventory a Tape/Robotic Library: 1. Insert the tape 2. Click the  Devices  tab 3. Select the correct tape drive/robotic library slot 4. Right-click on the tape drive/robotic library slot and select  Inventory  (Figure 1) Figure 1 The inventory will complete and should display the correct tape name. What is a Catalog? When cataloging a tape, Backup Exec reads the header information from the tape and stores it in a file on the hard drive. The information contained in the catalog includes, but is not limited