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VMware on AWS - How to restore NSX DFW firewall rules to previous state

Customers who uses NSX day-in, day-out would like to have a point-in time restore functionality of DFW firewall rules. Many customer have a large footprints in VMC and make changes to DFW quite often. This feature was missing for long time and we could see its included in recent versions . Let's see how DFW configuration roll back works  NSX DFW configuration has versioning, and it is stored in the NSX Manager.  Every time when someone update DFW configuration, NSX creates one more version but keep storing the previous ones. You can rollback for previous config but reapplying it once again.  You can find the options under Networking & Security tab , > Security > Distributed Firewall . In the right side we see an Actions drop down. Choose View to get to the below screen.  Let’s go through the use case:  1. Original state- default config with no custom rules:  a. There are no saved configurations during last 30 days: In my existing test setup, with the current setting

How to Repair Windows Registry Errors

Windows Registry is a group of data files within the Windows Operating System that contain essential information for running Windows on a computer. Windows Registry runs all programs, user interfaces, and services that the Windows Operating System provides and is critical to a computer’s proper performance. Whenever a program is installed on a computer, Windows Installer places data in the Windows Registry to allow the program to run and access other Windows Operating System components. When these data files are lost, corrupted, or incomplete uninstallations or viruses modify them, the computer may not work properly or experience decreased performance. By using a software known as a registry cleaner, a user can repair the Windows Registry and improve his/her computer’s performance.

Free Window Registry Repair

Free Window Registry Repair is a free registry cleaner that allows users to repair Windows Registry by removing invalid registry entries, deleting registry file copies, and replacing missing registry files. Free Window Registry Repair also saves the current registry settings before making changes to Windows Registry so that the user can restore his/her computer if anything goes wrong.


CCleaner from Piriform is a free and highly popular registry cleaner that increases a computer’s speed and performance by removing unwanted files from Windows Registry. CCleaner, like Free Window Registry Repair and most other registry cleaners, also restores missing registry files and files that viruses or invalid information have corrupted. CCleaner also deletes the user’s browser history, temporary Internet files, and cookies that have been saved to the computer upon visiting websites or entering personally identifiable information.

Advanced System Care
Advanced System Care is possibly the most advanced registry cleaner available and is completely free. It allows users to clean invalid data entries, corrupted files, and duplicate files, from Windows Registry, while also replacing missing files. Advanced System Care defragments the computer, deletes personally identifiable information from the browser, and includes a comprehensive anti-virus software that runs fast scans and finds virtually any virus on the computer. Advanced System Care also includes a real time anti-virus shield that prevents malicious software from running or accessing Windows Registry.

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