What is Mrtstub.exe?

Mrtstub.exe (Mrt.exe) is a process that runs on all Windows Operating System versions. It is a malicious software that downloads and installs other malicious software. Mrtstub.exe can almost always be found directly on the computer’s primary hard drive, can hide itself in a randomly named folder, and does not have a visible window. If the user discovers Mrtstub.exe or Mrt.exe on his/her computer, it is highly recommended that the process is stopped and removed immediately.

How Mrtstub.exe Works

Mrtstub.exe infiltrates the computer via third party software, temporary Internet files, cookies, and as mislabeled files. Once the file has been downloaded, it installs itself and begins looking through the computer for known viruses and security weaknesses. Mrtstub.exe then begins to download and install a wide variety of other malicious programs on the computer.

Is Mrtstub.exe Harmful?

Mrtstub.exe is a very harmful file considering the potential damage it can cause by introducing other malicious programs to the computer. If the user finds Mrtstub.exe running on his/her computer, he/she should an anti-virus program, such as Malwarebytes’ Antimalware, Spyware Terminator, or Advanced SystemCare. The user should also run a registry cleaner, such as CCleaner, to ensure that no damage has been done to the Windows Registry.

How to Remove Mrtstub.exe

If a user finds Mrtstub.exe running on his/her computer, it should be removed immediately to prevent other malicious programs from being installed. The user can begin by stopping the process from running. This can be done by opening the Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del), clicking the Processes tab, right-clicking Mrtstub.exe, and selecting “End Process.” The user can also stop the process from running in the future by opening the Start Menu, opening “Run…,” entering “msconfig,” and clicking OK. The user can then select the Startup tab, uncheck the checkbox for Mrtstub.exe and Mrt.exe, click Apply, and click OK. The file itself can then be found with an anti-virus software or by specifically searching the primary hard drive for Mrtstub.exe and Mrt.exe in the Windows Search tool found in the Start Menu. The user should also consider searching his/her other hard drives, if any, for possible traces of the process. Simply deleting the file should eradicate it if all copies of the file have been destroyed.

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