Install the iSCSI initiator

If you’re running an operating system on which the iSCSI initiator software is not installed, execute the file you downloaded and follow the installation instructions . The installer will ask you to decide which components you would like to install.

Choose your installation options.
Initiator service — This is the service behind the actual work.
Software initiator — The software initiator is the software service that handles iSCSI traffic.
Microsoft MPIO Multipathing Support for iSCSI — MPIO is a way that you can increase the overall throughput and reliability of your iSCSI storage environment. See Step 6 for more information about how MPIO can be of benefit.
If you have a target that supports Microsoft’s MPIO (check with your manufacturer), you should enable this option. Otherwise, if your target supports MPIO through the use of a proprietary device-specific module (DSM), obtain that DSM from your array manufacturer and follow the manufacturer’s installation recommendations.


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