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Implement and configure AWS Backup for VMware Cloud on AWS VM workloads

In our previous post we saw the design of the AWS Backup on VMC. In this post we’re going through the implementation steps As per the design and best practice, we are going to use the ENI for the Backup traffic CREATE A VPC ENDPOINT  TO CREATE AN INTERFACE ENDPOINT FOR AN AWS SERVICE 1. Open the Amazon VPC console at    2. In the navigation pane, choose Endpoints 3. Choose Create endpoint 4. Name the endpoint   5. For Service category, choose AWS services 6. For Service name, search “ Backup ” and select “ backup-gateway ” service from the dropdown 7. For VPC, select the VPC which we used for SDDC deployment and extension 8. To create an interface endpoint for Amazon S3, you must “uncheck” Additional settings, Enable DNS name. This is because Amazon S3 does not support private DNS for interface VPC endpoints 9. For  Subnets , select one subnet per Availability Zone which we used for SDDC VMC selection  10. For Security group , sel

How do I create a MSI wrapper over EXE installation files?

In order to exemplify the procedure, we will assume to wrap three .EXE installers "test1.exe", "test2.exe" and "test3.exe" into a .MSI. Here are the steps:

1. In Product Details Tab (Product Details Page) under "Add or Remove Programs (Control Panel)" group, uncheck the "Register product with Windows Installer" option. We don't want the wrapper to appear in "Control Panel" -> "Add or Remove Programs" as an installed program.

2. Go to Files and Folders Page and add the .EXE installers in the "Application Folder".

3. Create a .BAT file with the following content and add it in the Files and Folders Page:


5.  In the same folder, using the toolbar or context menu, create a text file update for the .BAT file. This file update should include a single replace operation:

Find : |InstallPath|
Replace : [APPDIR]
6.  In the Custom Actions Page add the .BAT file as a "Launch File or Open URL" custom action after the "Finish Execution" action group from "Install Execution Stage":

In the "Execution Properties" group on the right page make sure you choose the "Asynchronous execution, do not wait for return" option.
Also enable only the "Install" option from the "Execute Sequence Condition" group.

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