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Info-Application Request Routing

IIS Application Request Routing (ARR) 2.5 enables Web server administrators, hosting providers, and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to increase Web application scalability and reliability through rule-based routing, client and host name affinity, load balancing of HTTP server requests, and distributed disk caching. With ARR, administrators can optimize resource utilization for application servers to reduce management costs for Web server farms and shared hosting environments. Balance loads more efficiently across servers to maximize resource utilization IIS Application Request Routing offers administrators the ability to create powerful routing rules based on the URL, HTTP headers, and server variables to determine the most appropriate Web application server for each request. ARR makes request routing decisions at the application level, and can be used in conjunction with hardware load balancers or Windows Network Load Balancing as an added layer of control over HTTP requests. In ad

Securing IIS

Authentication in IIS Authentication in IIS verifies whether a user attempting to access a particular website, can indeed access it. Authentication is the process that verifies whether the user can access the site which he/she is attempting to access. The authentication methods which can be used to authenticate users in IIS 6 are listed below. Each authentication method can be used to authenticate users attempting to access Web sites. However, only Anonymous access and Basic Authentication can be used as an authentication method for FTP sites. Anonymous access:  This authentication method is enabled by default for both the Default Web Site and Default FTP Site. Anonymous access allows all anonymous users to access the content of the Web site. Anonymous access is typically utilized for public Web sites which are connected to the Internet. Basic Authentication:  This is the weakest authentication method available for IIS, and should be utilized when you cannot use any other authentica